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Fans should really make the advertisements for Windows Mobile 7!

March 23, 2011

The Windows Mobile 7 Marketing team should really step aside, as a new home grown set of Windows Mobile 7 fan really has set the standard of creating “iPhonesque” creative marketing advertisements for Windows Mobile 7. Its really an interesting phenomenon that has started happening with Windows Phone 7, and Paul Thurott says fans think Microsoft isn’t stepping enough to take the fan’s enough credit to promote the Windows Phone 7, and that is very true. Compared with the current Windows Mobile 7 advertisements officially endorsed by Microsoft shown below, the fans win hands down from their advertisements. Once again, I cannot stress enough Microsoft should really take note on promoting their fan’s advertisements. 

Official Microsoft advertisement on Windows Mobile 7, I really was a bit puzzled as to why a guy dropped an Android phone in the toilet?

An Official Microsoft advertisement

This advert is by a guy called Scott Davies, which very little is known, but it is a good advert showing various WM7 phones.

Advertisement by fan Scott Davies showing the capability of the WM7 phones.

Creative Media Director Mark Nadolski made this fan ad of WM7 of personalising messages and socialising to contacts using the Windows Phone, and the “Oh Really” tagline, showing the great concepts of social networking about something.

Advertisement by fan Mark Nadolski concentrated on the “Oh Really” tagline and social networking.

This advertisement was created by digital artist Brando Foy which is by far the best Windows Mobile 7 advert ever seen which hasn’t gone commercial, he is an intern at Full Sail University for Motion Graphics + Compositing, as part of a case study using the theme ”We Love WP7″. It really is true class showing the synth pop style advertisement, with illuminating WM7 phones, swirling 3D effects, and mirroring images.

The best WM7 advertisement by digital artist Brandon Foy showing illuminating WM7 phones, swirling 3D effects, and mirroring images.

Power to the fans, I would say!


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