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Social Media Buzz at the SMWF Olympia London

March 30, 2011


Today, after the scheduled office move today, was just settling in when I still decided to go to the Social Media World Forum in Olympia Conference Centers in London, to see what was the hype about social media marketing, and I wasn’t to be disappointed.

There were so many companies showcasing their CRM and social media tools in this new age of social media marketing, that I simply couldn’t keep up with all the terminology and brand names.

I went to hear the talks from Pete Simmons, European Web Producer from EA on Syncapse with Michael Wilson, Phil Szomszor, Director, Corporate Practice, Citigate on Brandwatch and Sara Davar, Area Director, Meltwater Buzz on Meltwater Buzz, you can see the agenda here at



They were very interesting talks indeed especially from Phil and Sara, which they both shared similar views that the consumer is now in control of your brand, and it is about listening and providing value. Also to share viewpoints across the board, and offer any advice when needed to consumers. If it does get messy, take it offline, and don’t end up like the PR Kenneth Cole on Egypt where tweets go wrong! They believed that branding is a strong point, and empowering your consumers with all the help and resources are very useful for building up the reputation.

I did manage to get a few leaflets and business cards from several companies at the stands, and its a great way to network!

Here are is a good link for some social media marketing tracking: –

And also a lot of hype about how social media marketing is successful at Old Spice: Responses Case Study



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