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Trying to removing caching on JQuery Mobile

April 11, 2011

Having used JQuery Mobile beta 1.0a4.1 using the files and, when ever you open the dialog box in the main page, this causes JQuery Mobile to cache the history state of the page, adding the syntax #&ui-state=dialog which is fairly frustrating.

I have tried the following two methods to hide the content element so it is not saved in cache but to no prevail.

$(“div[data-role*=’page’]”).live(‘pagehide’, function (event, ui) {
    if ($(this).children(“div[data-role*=’content’]”).is(“.command-no-cache”))

$(‘.ui-page’).live(‘pagehide’, function () { $(this).remove(); });

There has got to be a solution to this in the later versions of JQuery Mobile without altering the css or js files, or is this a known bug?

Otherwise from experience, you have to go back to v 1.0a2.1 to completely removing the cache but then you lose all the functionality of the select box which I use.


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