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Removing Latebinding using Pushpins to Bing Maps in WP7

May 17, 2011


Here I have specified an Bing Map Control XAML in WP7, and if you wish to add a pushpin with the content “you” on the map, the best way is inside that map control: –

<map Name="Map" CredentialsProvider="{Binding CredentialsProvider}" ZoomLevel="{Binding Zoom, Mode=TwoWay}" Center="{Binding Center, Mode=TwoWay}">


You write the following code:-

<map:MapLayer Visibility=”{Binding UserPosition, Converter={StaticResource GeoCoordinateVisibilityConverter}}”>

<map:Pushpin Location=”{Binding UserPosition}” Content=”you” />


This allows you to insert a pushpin in a layer, and collapses the layer as well, thus reduces the need for late-binding for setting a data context in Loaded event.

Hope that helps.


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