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Windows Phone 7 so far is doing fine in terms of growth rates in marketshare

May 17, 2011

I had randomly stumbled upon a blog site called, and this person gave some interesting facts about WP7: –

His views are: –

* MS shipped 2 million units in the first 10 weeks after WP7 was launch.
* Google took 6 months to reach the 1 million mark with Android
* Apple took 10 weeks to sell its first 1 million iPhones
* 93% of WP7 users are satisfied or very satisfied
* 90% of WP 7 users would recommend it to others
* The market for Smart phones is huge and these WP7 sales figures are small in comparison
* It took Apples App Store 105 days to reach 7,500 apps
* It took WP7 Marketplace 83 days to reach 7,000 apps
* It took MS 135 days or 4 months and 15 days to add copy and paste to its OS
* Apple took 722 days or 1 year 11 months and 22 days to add copy and paste to its OS

* 9 months after its initial release Androids market share was at 2.8%. It took 18 months from initial release for Android’s market share to reach 9%.

The last one being the most significant in my opinion, although it will slow down in the subsequent months later on this year it will be interesting what total market share it would by the end of the year, as PC World claims it has already reached 7% in the smartphone market, over double the growth of Android in the same period. But remember that Android was a relatively unheard of smartphone player at the time, and it took a lot longer to market the product as oppose to Microsoft which already has a brand established already.

If it trebles to 21% at least, then it is on course to be a contender, and also if Android increases more to 60-65% considering it is reaching its peak then they will be the major player. Will be interesting to see how it pans out.


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