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Summary of Windows Phone 7 Application Certification Requirements.

May 18, 2011

Updated for Version 1.3 released September 2010.

For reference, and having seen so many talks/slides/websites of the Windows Phone 7 Application Certification Requirements, and I may be releasing an app soon into the Windows phone 7 market, I decided to place a summary of the Windows Phone 7 Application Certification Requirements, from Shazami Design.

Here it is: –


· Over the air install up to 20MB;

· disclose additional data package if greater than 50MB;

· max XAP size 400MB;


File Type

Application Icon
62 x 62

Application Tile Image
173 x 173

Device application icon
99 x 99 small173 x 173 large
PNG, 262 dpi
Marketplace catalog

Desktop application icon
200 x 200
PNG, 262 dpi
Marketplace catalog

Panoramic background art
1000 x 800
PNG, 262 dpi

480 x 800
1-8 Required
Marketplace catalog


· First screen render within 5 seconds (use splash screen)

· Responsive to user input within 20 seconds

Prompt User:

· Chat, instant messaging, or other person-to-person communication applications that all creation of accounts via phone device, must verify that user is at least 13 years old

· “Opt-in” consent for publishing personal information to any service or other person

· “Opt-in” consent for push notifications

· User-friendly error message on exception

· Visual progress bar with cancel option for time consuming activities

· Back button in games to present in-game pause menu or main menu with resume option

· Message if Location Service turned off in a location-aware application

· Explicit permission on first use of toast or tile notification

· Explicit permission on first run of application under a locked screen

· Apps that play their own background music must ask before stopping or adjusting music playback from Music + Video Hub

Settings screen:

· Enable/disable toast notification

· Enable/disable tile notification

· Enable/disable application from running under a locked screen

· Use/Override music from Music + Video hub

· Control own background music/adjust hub music (ex: volume)


· May not require the user to pay outside of Windows Phone Marketplace to activate, unlock, upgrade, or extend usage of the application

· May not sell, link to, or promote mobile plans

· May not consist of, distribute, link to, or incent users to download, or otherwise promote alternate marketplaces for applications and/or games

· Must not jeopardize the security or functionality of phone devices or Marketplace

· Advertising must comply with

· Apps that allow purchase of music content must include Windows Phone music Marketplace as an option.

· For music not purchased through Windows Phone music Marketplace, app must include its own playback

· Content restrictions include: licensed, copyrighted, illegal, obscene, indecent, violent, defamatory, libelous, slanderous, threatening, hate speech, discriminatory, adult-related, promotes illegal activities, excessive alcohol, tobacco, weapons, drugs, violence, profanity

· PInvoke, COM interoperability, debug symbols, reflection were it affects phone capabilities, uncaught exceptions

· Must not include viruses, malware, or malicious software


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