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HTC HD 7 Review

May 22, 2011

As the second and better of the two devices I will be getting from Microsoft, this is the device that’s really popular with the developers that I want to have, it is the HTC HD 7.

At first impressions, the device is certainly the bigger and classier at 162g, although it feels big, and making calls on it a bit cumbersome, the thinness of the device makes up for it and it feels more comfortable than the Omnia 7.  It has a whopping 4.3 inch screen with surfing the web, using the camera, and watching videos a luxury using this device. With it interface at 800 x 480 pixels capacitive touchscreen, it is lovely, and the processor is the same at Qualcomm 1Ghz Snapdragon but feels much more responsive than the LG Optimus 7. Everything from the tiling to the transitions, it slides, swoops and bounces with responsiveness on the device.It has an aluminium kick stand at the back for watching movies as well.

It has the usual specifications like the other Windows phones are the Wi-Fi,3G, and GPS, including HSDPA support a 7.2Mbs download with five megapixel camera, but the outstanding feature is the browsing experience. The thing however that is let down is the battery at only1,230mAh for such a large device, it only lasts less than a day. However it is the browsing experience that wins the order of the day with tabbed browsing enabled and browsing history although it does sometimes display to upgrade your flash player and the browsing speed isn’t always up to optimum speed. Other than that, the the framework allows caching, and loading up previous sites is fast, you can see more information as well as the offering more when zooming in, at times almost feeling like a tablet in terms of the browsing experience.

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