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MSI Wind U100 Review

June 8, 2011

Although I had been a very skeptical of the MSI Wind U100, I had found when surfing the Maplins website, a good bargain for the netbook, measuring just only at  260 x 180 x 37mm (WDH) with a fairly strong build when you lift the lid, and its wide keyboard width right up to the chassis, using the netbook is extremely at ease.

It’s display is not bad either at a 1,024 x 600 resolution with extra emphasis on the back lit LED brightness, as the settings can enable the display to be extra bright if needed, although skintones and in some areas brightness are compensated.

However the very heart of it’s specifications is a bit mediocre especially the battery life, and tht’s where my skeptisim starts, the processor is a very standard Atom N270, its capable of churning out for sending emails, and surfing the web, but anything too strainious would drain the processor and the battery, it can only run potentially at 2 hours 30 minutes, and that’s really poor with the the 2,200mAh battery. If you start charging the netbook for quarter of an hour, then the netbook can start booting up again if it runs out of battery before, and thats really dire.

Other than that, there is no compromises with 1024MB of memory installed but with an empty second slot the system will support 2048MB.  It also features an 80GB Hard disk partitions combined to 160GB, Wi-Fi. Ethernet, Bluetotth,  3 USB ports, and a memory card reader. At currently on special offer on at £169.99, it certainly is a good deal for a basic netbook.

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