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WP7 Mango Phones leaked out used in Italy

June 20, 2011

According to some reports, some people have got their hands on the WP7 Mango developer phones a bit earlier than anticipated according to the Dude WIMU application which shows that 67 phones run “other versions” of the OS out of the 14,595, and as a WP7 developer, its most probably from the user agent taken from the phone and logged into their application when they made the HTTP request notably the 7.10.7605 build.

See the below snippet: –

WMPU today dug up a couple of instances of Mango running on current handsets, first off they picked up on Alessandro Teglia @alead, Community Program Manager for CEE and Italy Microsoft, tweeting about using Mango features on his HTC Mozart. and continues to do so.



There is also a video associated with this also.

This will cause a slight uproar on when they are actually releasing the WP7 Mango phone, as already developers have their hands on it a lot sooner than most people expected. If they keep to their word rather than guessing and throwing surprise updates and announcements, this update on the phone and new handset releases can help dampen the damage that’s already caused to the Microsoft ecosystem or will it play down again to the guessing game.

You can see on the video that the guy is showcasing mostly the Avatar, and it can interact more than the standard version 7, but I expect there to be more notable updates in the future, but obviously you can see they have made full use of the Shake gestures in WP7.


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