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Free icon set for GUI designers on WP7, Android and iPhone

July 1, 2011

I wanted to make a blog post on some really good simple toolbar icons in particular for the WP7, and I have found a few of these.

First is the Noun Project which has a “Metro” themed design style to the icons, it is a collective collaborative effort by designers that uses free pictograms and icons and contains so far 500+ icons in the “Metro” theme. It is run and community funded by (the largest funding platform for creative projects) which the CEO (Perry Chan) gave some really insightful talks at the Guardian Summit (thumbs up to them). It is called and its funding is going really well at $14,366. You get a free t shirt of 3 icons of your choice if you fund them of over $30.

The other is Gentleface Toolbar Icon Set made for GUI designers, it is along the same vein of “Metro” styled icons with 8 sets of cursors and 296 icons in black and white versions. The free version gives away the entire set totalling 304 original icons in 32-bit PNG format optimized for 16×16 pixel size and available in 16×16, 32×32 and 48×48 pixel sizes. This is given as a license for the Creative Commons as a non commercial product but if you want the royalty free license which includes .eps and even Flash SWF formats, this costs $29.99 if you want to use these commercially. See


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