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Plants vs Zombies review

July 7, 2011

Having heard all about the rave of Plants vs Zombies in the mobile gaming world, and that Microsoft have backed the game to be top 6 games, I had to find out yourself why this game got some commotion and praise.
The simple tower defence game entails you to set various plants on the outlay of the garden to block hordes of zombies going along the same of line of path to the house, you have to prevent them from entering and strategically put them for them to fire projectiles (flower power I guess) to the kill the zombies after several attacks till they simply drop and fall apart.
Even though I had thought that graphically, Popcap had made it as simple in design as possible in terms of cheery cartoon visuals I thought they have bitten off more than can chew (excuse the pun for the title), but I was wrong. The thing I like is that it is simple as possible, the menu at top to select sunflowers, pea shooters and cherry bombs, and other plants are clear and simple, with the notion that 100 sunshine items gives you another plant to purchase to place in the garden. I thought that maybe too simple but the faster the sunshine drops, the quicker you need to place convert these to plants and place them on the garden (if you are too slow, you’re gonna get bitten and infected, not literally).
The thing I like is the sheer simplicity of it all which is why it is my top 6 Windows Phone games, the instructions are brief and clear even the storyline is so ever simple, and you can see how many zombies you need to attack at the start of each stage. The thing that entices you in, is the fast pace action of it all, and the quirkiness of the enemy zombies which they are dressed as leading protesters holding signs up, to wearing eighties’ back-up dancer leotard’s, the light humour of it all even gives you the happiness to possibly hug the zombies rather than destroy them.
For the arsenal, the various plant types you can do to attack such as daisies in the first stage, to cacti and cherry bombs that make the attacks very interesting like blasting zombies to smithereens usually ending in a nasty mess, and there’s even wall-nuts to block enemies to go further to save you time.
Achievements are easily viewable in the game and attainable as well linking with Xbox achievements like Soil Your Plants for planting ten peashooters to Explodonator for planting 10 cherry bombs that explode successfully.
The other thing is the multiversity of strategic gameplay, you can place the pea shooter attackers to throw projectiles to the back so they can attack further without being eaten whilst the sunflowers can be near the front, and you don’t know where to see the zombies walk on which path so its all guesswork, and whether you wait 1 minute more to get the more devastating attack plants, it’s this open end style to gameplay which makes the game worthwhile.
All in all, the game is brilliantly poised.

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