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Creating New User to Access SQL Database

May 21, 2012

As I needed to create a new user for a new database for testing, with using the following template: –

CREATE LOGIN DatabaseUserWITH PASSWORD = ‘340$Uuxwp7Mcxo7Khy’; USE Database; GO CREATE USER DatabaseUser FOR LOGIN DatabaseUser;

I had stumbled upon a problem once the User can connect to the Database, ASP.NET subsequently threw an exception error as shown: –

The SELECT permission was denied on the object ‘user’, database ‘database’, schema ‘dbo’.

As I had later found out, it was the grant permission that the user ‘DatabaseUser’ couldn’t use the SELECT operation for the SQL database ‘Database’ because it simply doesn’t have the permission to do it, this can be simply corrected by going to Properties of the Database, and selecting Permissions, and for that user in Explicit tab, tick the SELECT row. 

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