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Optimize By Lee Odden at First Glance

May 23, 2012

So the book I had longly anticipated had arrived late on Monday and since yesterday I haven’t put the book down, even the preface notes were fairly interesting. I had won this book from a twitter competition two weeks ago from State Of Search website, which is about Search Engine Optimisation.

At first glance, the book talks about the pratical approach to integrating search and social media using optimised techniques for boosting revelence and visibilit to potential customers.

After quite an enlightning dinner talk over my future free time projects, this book gave me inspiration to discuss some of the things in my dinner talk, and I quickly read in through detail on the first chapter in the train. Highlights were in the chapter about cointent marketing – discovery, consumption then engagement – recognising the synergy of search and social media plays a role with content marketing for helping businesses to connect to customers.and it shows the buying cycle model for types of content and communication.

It certainly is worth a read, and it flickingthrough a few pages inspired me over dinner a few hours before, where I chatted about allowing social media and content in other forms that can engage the customer aswell as businesses to use the website from a simplistic point of view.


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