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Why http://localhost/reports in ASP.NET dont work straight away!

July 4, 2012

Firstly it has been another gruelling day at the office, hard at solving ASP.NET problems. Congratulations to Andy Murray in getting past the quarter finals after facing David Ferrer, tough match!

Anyway, I wanted to write about how publishing the ASP.NET website onto the remote server and loading anything under the folder in reports caused ASP.NET to throw a random authentication login username and password box, it left me puzzled for a few hours as to why it had did that particularly when everything else worked fine so why reports.

After checking the IIS management console on the reports folder, the pages were there in the reports folder but when clicking on the page it threw as an 404 error!

XML Parsing Error: no element found

Why would it do that especially that there was something on line 1?

After closer inspection, it turns out that IIS couldn’t seem to find it in the management console when you hit explore on the actual server! So IIS couldn’t see it?

After just typing out of trial and error http://localhost/reports in turns out it goes to the SQL Reporting Service!! Bingo, so something was conflicting the folder, but seriously why didn’t IIS inform me about this. Well because it wasn’t sophisticated enough I suppose and SQL has intervened and run before IIS!

If you go to

It tells you that MS SQL Server 2008 automatically configures a reporting service which you must configure at least one URL for each application!

You can change this manually by going to All Programs -> Microsoft SQL Server 2008 -> Configuration Tools -> Reporting Services Configuration Manager and clicking on Server tab on left and Reporting Manager URL, and changing the virtual directory to something other than reports. I called it reportsmanager, and this solves the problem! So anything you call reports folder in your ASP.NET application, you need to configure SQL Reporting Services to solve it! 🙂



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