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A few tips on IFrames

March 4, 2013

Its been quite a while since I last posted two weeks ago as I had been on a short holiday to the U.S.

Anyhow I had been playing with IFrames to do a quick portal-like naivgation bar with an IFrame underneath.

What I immediately had discovered that for IFrames, on Firefox and IE, the default Iframe height is very small, something like around 30px!! It is a much smaller scroll box window that is only using a small percentage of the available window which is a browser rendering issue!!

To get around this you need to set position:absolute for the IFrame like so: –

<div height=”100%”>


Make sure to set the width to 100% and more importantly height to 100%. This should resolve the problem for Firefox and IE and it displays the full height on the screen.

Another important thing is to remove the annoying internal scrollbar inside the IFrame, and to do this you simple write scrolling=”no”

<div height=”100%”>


Hope that helps!


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