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A few more tips on iFrames

March 7, 2013

I had been using to find out if css selectors can be applied for iFrames, and as it stands, you cannot apply these inside an iFrame as all jQuery can see is the iFrame component and not its contents.

To test this, you can add

<div><p id=’test’>this is just a test</p></div>


$(document).ready(function() {
opacity: 0.1,
color: ‘teal’

Notice that the opacity 0.1 and color text ‘teal’ is set to the paragraph “this is just a test” only.

It is useful to place anything you would like to apply for css into to give you instantaneous results rather than having to wait for refreshing the web page or reloading the page on the local machine as this can take time especially on a slow machine (from what I had experienced!).The only way that IFrame contents can be manipulated is using privoxy which over the last few days I am using to modify web content.


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