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More Menu Sliders Needed!

March 8, 2013

After spending a week on formulating my own menu slider as well as a top fixed navigation bar, this trend is becoming more popular with Facebook and Twitter adopting this in their applications including eventually for the web.

However there are a few issues when formulating your own and that’s testing it on every browser and every website, it is endless, and what my conclusions on using an untested top navigation bar with a menu slider (whilst browsing it with other websites using Provixy) are: –

1) Conflicts with the css on your menu slider and top navigation css with the website’s css.

2) The website’s default css which affects default padding, margins, font sizes, colours and other components like links and paragraphs.

3) Individual browser issues like IE7!

4) Functionality of Javascript (JQuery) functions, based on whether the latest JQuery is loaded, and if functions get recognised.

5) The order in which your own scripts are run. What I had found out is that if you run your script last, in the html tags injection using Jquery, this will be performed last and your navigation bar and side menu appear last on the web page.

All these issues are important plus some others when considering a top bar navigation and menu slider. So when seeing all these tutorials on building this using CSS, I need to think again, whether it is fully tested on many websites, and if browsers are fully compliant with this.

A few that I have seen today which seem to be useful are, and


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