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Changing the System Volume In Windows Phone 8

January 20, 2014

Firstly, a Happy New Year to all, I will continue to post .NET questions and answers here even though my main focus is looking at new Javascript frameworks and mashups on my other blog, feel free to visit.

Secondly I decided to look at StackOverflow once more, and someone on there asked the following question: –

“Up until now I thought that changing the system volume from your app is impossible, until recently a new app called Quite Hours ( actually did just that in a very neat way.

Does anyone please know how to do that programmatically? I tried using the MediaElement or the xna MediaPlayer and the backgroundAudioPlayer and nothing worked. Any help would be appreciated! Thank you!”

The answer is technically NO, there is no current API for this for controlling the system volume in Windows Phone 8. You can however control the volume in the elements of your application (via the classes MediaElement, BackgroundAudioAgent). You can also control the volume on sound effects of your application using XNA API. See


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