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Darn the Apostrophe in ADO.NET for SQL

December 15, 2015

If you have the ever slight problem of not being able to detect the apostrophe when placing this character in an SQL SELECT, UPDATE, or DELETE, ADO.NET will throw an error {“Incorrect syntax near ‘S’.\r\nUnclosed quotation mark after the character string ‘,’ )’.”}:

Escape the apostrophe (i.e. double-up the single quote character) in your SQL:

    (First, Last)
    ('Joe', 'O''Brien')
          right here  

The same applies to SELECT queries:

SELECT First, Last FROM Person WHERE Last = 'O''Brien'

In C# its a tiny bit of work, you therefore need to find the index of this character ', then append another apostrophe at this index, so to do this, code as: - 

 if (ObjectInfo.Name != null)
 if (query.Contains("'"))
 int index = query.IndexOf("'");
 query.Insert(index, "'");
 query = query + "'" + ObjectInfo.Name + "',";
 query = query + "'',";

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