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About Me

About Me

Hi, my name is Hon Lee, currently a software developer where my heart lies in everything I.T, anything from programming, networking, web development, and wireless applications. Being a keen enthusiast on new computer and mobile technology, and enjoy attending conferences with the “Microsoft” and “Sun” brand name attached to it. My past work at University have been in helping develop educational tools for students to learn Java as one of my major projects, being a Computer Science representative for the final year addressing issues to be resolved about the course to the board, and also am a member of the British Computer Society.

Recently, I have profound interest in mobile development, and use MVC 2.0, JQ Touch, PhoneGap for mobile websites and applications particularly on the Android. Please feel free to check out my blog at which talks about Web 2.0, mobile development, Visual Studio, ASP NET MVC amongst other things.

I also have interest in the QT Quick development for Symbian but more notably Android, and recently have become a big fan of Windows Phone 7 development and its user group, and have been to numerous workshop events to build applications on Windows Phone 7.

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